Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 21, 2012

Story Time … the at home variety.

So today was our big “story time at the library” day.  The kids love it. They are read a story or two, make a craft, and eat a snack. Today they were going to get to plant a pumpkin seed and see if it would grow. Exciting stuff. It’s a great time in the toddler world. Unfortunately this morning our little boy was not feeling well, not well enough to head out into the land of story time.  Needless to say that little girl was bummed. She thought we could just leave him home alone to take a nap. After that great plan was vetoed, we went with plan b. Plan b … where we make up our own version of story time.

While he slept.

Apparently last night was “no need to match your pajama’s night” … who am I kidding, that is every night. This Mama has very few ” you must match” rules and bedtime definitely does not matter … plus, I think he is adorable in all that non-matchy-ness.

So like I said, while the sick one slept the awake and “I have enough energy for both of us today” girl got her craft on after a little snack of wheat thins.

Flower cutouts courtesy of my Aunt Diane.

She had a great time … such a great time that she didn’t realize that I totally forgot to read any books!  Oh well, last night I read all 18 that they picked up at the library the night before so I figure I am good for a day or two. 

In the end we didn’t get to plant a pumpkin seed, didn’t get a book read about spring and gardening, nor a homemade cookie … but we did get a pretty picture for our wall.


Happy weekend!



  1. Too bad Mathias was sick, but the day turned out well after all. VERY nice work with the flowers for Evelyn, too!

    As for the pajamas….you didn’t get that attribute of not caring about matching from your mother. I don’t like it if certains shades of a color are off! At least if I’m wearing it. Good thing it was dark. ha

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