Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 25, 2012

Little Blue Dish.

I have a couple other posts as well but since this has the least amount of photos it’s the one I picked for tonight.

Several weeks ago I found this little blue dish sitting all alone in a second-hand store for 25 cents. I just felt like it needed to be a part of my craft room.  I think she is pretty.  However, it went from sitting all alone in the second-hand store to sitting all alone in my craft room … sad right? So last night I was going to do a little pinning on a quilt in progress and I remembered I had a plan for that little blue dish and decided it was as good a time as any to make it happen.  Simple & ridiculously quick process really.

Works great with the exception that it no longer sitting exactly flat which drives me a bit batty.  Also, two of the magnets fell off as a result of my mad crazy glue skills … or lack-there-of.  But it serves a purpose now as not only a pretty little blue dish but a pretty little magnetic blue dish!  And since that was the goal, then mission accomplished.



  1. I love that bowl! The color and the shape and the flowers too. I would have paid a dollar for it:) ha It would match your kitchen, so maybe when you’re finished with your quilt you can attach it to you refrigerator like a huge magnet.

  2. I think that may be an Avon saucer, I have one that looks just like that and it has a little pitcher that matches it, it is like a small wash bowl and water pitcher. It is very pretty and will make a great pin dish. Love yournblog

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