Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 3, 2012

Apple Blossoms 2012

Look who’s got blossoms this year!


It’s been a couple years without pretty apple blossoms so I am excited. 

Not everyone would post 13 pictures of the same thing but I just think that they are so pretty. 

If you disagree … feel free to stop looking.

If you can.

I told you they were pretty.

Oh, and there were bees a buzzing. 

Everyone knows that flowers are one thing but to get those yummy apples you need the bees. 

Of course there are other elements to contend with all summer long like storms and such.

But for now, she’s a pretty tree. 

Her neighbor is too.

Pretty girls.

Happy spring!



  1. I have noticed that there are blooms galore this year all over town…all the crab apples, shrubs, trees… is a bountiful year for flowers and bees. I saw a butterfly today, too. I love spring. And the flowers are lovely; not to many photos for me!

  2. Beautiful pictures… I love all the fragrances from the blossoms when I’m out running at this time of the year.

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