Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 9, 2012

Mathias … aka Pasta Boy

Our dinners are normally easy around here. Breakfast and lunch are pretty involved with Daddy home since he needs all those calories so he can work hard for us. But dinner is generally a one course meal like pasta, grilled cheese, cereal or pancakes.  Now I understand that not everyone refers to the last meal of the day as dinner but I loath the word supper … don’t know why, just one of those words that I don’t like. Kindof like my sister isn’t a fan of the word moist … I am sure you have a word you could do without and well, supper is my word.  Likely not information that you needed to know right?  Oh well.  So anyway, pasta and butter was requested tonight.  Evelyn picked out the shape and though Mathias didn’t agree at first, he came around.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love the last photo; so cute. I like how he made a game out of putting them on the fork tines.

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