Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 17, 2012

Tables of Plenty 2011 & 2012

Mom & I hosted our annual table at the Tables of Plenty fundraiser this past weekend.  I have a difficult time remembering how many we have put together but I “think” this was my 9th table?, could be 10 but I just don’t remember.  Old age … what can I say. 

As I was putting the photos together I realized that I never posted last years photos.  Hmmm … not sure why?, but here  they are.  Last year we did a cupcake theme which didn’t turn out as cute I had hoped.   Maybe that is why I didn’t post them?  I think that the round tables generally look too empty while the rectangle ones too full.  Not a huge problem but I am pretty sure that was my issue with last year, looked too empty.  Anyway … here goes nothing.

That was a pretty pink year huh?  This years theme was less pink.  You will never guess the theme.  Ready?, it was SEWING!  Shocking right?  What can I say, I just really love sewing right now.  Here is what our table looked like …

Cute right?  I should have gotten a shot of the center of the table … it was full of rick-rack, zippers, snaps, etc. and our favors.  Really full, but cute. 

Those button cookies were a huge hit, and though I can’t say they were effortless, they weren’t as time-consuming as they may look. 

I found a picture tutorial without words on-line somewhere and just adapted it to use what I had.  I used a small biscuit cutter (pampered chef) for the cookie and the top of my pepper shaker (which was empty) to make the second circle indentation and a pastry decorator tip for the holes.  Two batches of dough, two hours and 225 cookies later and I was done. 

Our guest favor this year was a pin cushion … which were all different, but equally fun.

And this year we had kids … and what better way to close this post that will mean little to most people than pictures if them. 

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  1. In all honesty, while Stephanie gives me credit for hosting with her, I am more the one who buys a ticket or two, this year the jelly jars, and helps to tote, etc. Stephanie is the REAL Tables of Plenty creator and planner! This year she didn’t even ask for ideas because sewing with Irene (she named her sewing machine) was something she came up with all by herself. Probably because she spends so much time with her best friend Irene! Good job Steph, and it’s always a joy to help out a little and enjoy the day.

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