Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 31, 2012


Figured it would be easier to just title this post another random one since well, it’s going to random! I m so clever like that. It’s been a busy week so here goes.

  • Yesterday the kids and I were gone for over 17 hours.  That is a long time.  We left early in the am with roosters … traveling to the butcher.   I always enjoy that process.  Ok, not always but I have certainly gotten better at it over the years.  This time however, we were transporting our new breed … the one that I can never remember the name of.  Anyway, they crowed … or cock-a-doodle-doed for most of the 90 minute trip … almost contantly the last 30.  I didn’t love that. 
  • We were able to visit lots of good friends and some family as a part of our spur of the moment travels with roosters which is always nice.
  • Today has been a pretty laid back recuperating day … for all of us.  Long naps and little productivity is sometimes needed.
  • We did make it to the library tonight however so that was good.  Kids are currently watching a new dvd before bed.
  • I have had this shot for about week … obviously forgetting to post it. 

  • Oh my Mathias … I love him.  I don’t even really recall him getting that popcorn off the counter but apparently he did.  I call it “midnight snack” … so original I know.  And actually it isn’t even accurate since this happened at nap time. 
  • Even though we brought the roosters to the butcher we did keep one. Until now he was cooped up with the other roosters and rarely got outside since they fought and fought.  I figure he should be pretty happy with his 11 hens and no more competition.  Last night he went back to his “house” where the roosters have been staying and the hens to their “house” … we will see tonight if he decides it is ok to room-in with them.  When we left for the library and about half a dozen hens were hanging out around his door … not sure where he was … and when they saw me they ran (you know as fast as a fat hens can run) all the way to the chicken coop.  I couldn’t help but feel like they thought they were in trouble for hanging out over with the rooster.  Funny.
  • Our girl Ev likes to do things with her feet like I do.  I pick up all sorts of things with my feet … have for as long as I can remember. It is sort of like a game to see what I can manage to pick up.  Anyway, the other day she decided to try this. 

  • Funny girl … her “letter” to Daddy was pretty cute. 
  • I am certain there is more to share but it looks like my little break is over and it is time to get kids ready for bed.  We will go with no-baths again tonight … if you happen to see us tomorrow just don’t smell them. 


  1. As usual, I loved the whole random post. But my very favorite line was the last one:) Guess I should be happy you won’t be driving my way today! ha

  2. My daughter and grand daughter pick up things with there toes, they both have long agile toes.

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