Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 25, 2012

Quilt Nicholas & Burp Rags

Did you miss me?  It’s been awhile and I apologize but seriously, the past two weeks have been insanely busy around here.  Besides all the other day-to-day life of raising toddlers, being a wife, growing a baby, keeping a house clean, etc. etc. we have had several travel days for a wedding shower, then a wedding, doctor appointments, my sisters art show, graduation parties, visiting friends, and that is all I can remember.  Really busy folks.  I don’t really mind being busy so it’s all good, but being busy doesn’t leave much time for photo taking and blog posting if you know what I mean. 

In addition to all the travels the craft room has been just as busy.  So here is my last senior quilt for this year.  For my nephew Nicholas. 

The back was my favorite, not only because of the fantastic flannel guitar fabric but also because the strip of fabrics from the front looked pretty cool. 

It was tied … not my favorite but my only option with my current machine that dislikes machine quilting.   I managed to start and finish it in a total of three days which wasn’t too bad.  The kids start to think my current quilt is a member of the family I think with all the time that is devoted to it.  This time around once it was finished Mathias asked to sleep with it and so he spent the first night breaking in the quilt and Evelyn got night two before it was ready to gift. 

Evelyn was so tired this night following a full day of wedding attending and wedding dance dancing … I had to take her from the dance floor kicking and screaming.  When she crawled into bed she said “oh Mom!, NEED Nick’s quilt!”.  She was out in about 60 seconds.

I am more than happy that my “big quilts” are done for a few years without any graduating nieces or nephews for a while … this one finished at 68 x 90 and that is big for my tiny craft room. 

In addition to the quilt I made a few burp rags for my sister-in-law’s brother that had a baby boy. 

I just LOVE that guitar fabric and since we have so many musicians in our families it’s just perfect for many gifts.  The scraps from the big quilt will definitely be put to use and if I find more I am going to snatch it up as fast as I can. 

So that is it from me tonight … thanks for stopping by.



  1. I have been worried about you and the kids, I checked the blog about every day, so glad everything is ok. The quilt is really nice and any boy should like it. Thanks for the great pics of the quilt.

  2. Great job on both projects! I think I would stick to baby quilts (and I have, actually) but once you start a tradition it would be hard to stop. Only a few more to go, well maybe 6, until you make some for your OWN children:)

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