Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 27, 2012

Quilt Rebecca & Quilt Easton

More baby quilts! I wasn’t kidding when I said that the craft room was busy the past couple weeks.  I had two friends have babies just a week or so apart a few weeks back.  So lucky for me, two new babies meant two new baby quilts.

They were simple but turned out really cute. 

The back of baby Rebecca’s was my favorite. 

Easton’s underwent a little craft room surgery …

I melted the corner square with an iron that was too hot.  Oops.  But a little surgery and an E covered the square and no one as the wiser … well, until now I guess.

I also put together some frozen pizza’s for the families of the new babies. 

It was a first time attempt and we will see how they tasted before I make more … those 9 were actually pretty quick.  I did the crusts one night (they are partially baked) and did the toppings and wrapping the next.  They look good enough to eat! 

Now that once busy craft room sits quiet while I think up my next project … I don’t suspect it will sit quiet for much longer.



  1. Not only do the pizzas look yummy, I heard from a one of the recipients that they tasted wonderful:)
    The little baby quilts were so cute, and I loved the frogs too. You’re such a gift-giver!

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