Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 28, 2012


Today. So far anyway.

  • Evelyn woke me up at 6am with a flashlight that didn’t work and wanted to charge the batteries.  After I told her we would do it later she ran to her bed crying and woke up 3 hours later.
  • I am 20 weeks pregnant … hooray!  I like to hit those double digits that start with a 2 … not as much as the 3’s, cause those are my favorite but the 2’s are good.
  • The air conditioning went in!  So happy about that … it’s in a new spot this year, pictures will be posted later. 
  • Farmer Neal is my favorite.
  • Mathias walked up a ladder unattended while we were in the house looking out the window.  He wasn’t noticed until his head appeared before our eyes.  Yikes!  Later while outside he wanted to climb it again and I told him he had to wait until he was 14.  I added that those 12 years would likely fly right by.  The look he gave me could have been interpreted to say that he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be waiting that long. 
  • While the kids were putting spare change Farmer Neal found while looking for the air conditioner screws Mathias hit Evelyn in the face with the cupboard door.  It was clearly an accident.
  • While the kids were playing in the kitchen Evelyn pushed Mathias down and he hit his head pretty good on the leg of the kitchen table.  It was clearly not an accident.
  • Mathias took Evelyn’s bubbles she was playing with and when he saw me coming he decided it was a good idea to dump them out on the rug and then run away. 
  • Time-out has been a busy place.
  • Loren & I had chicken chili and corn bread for lunch. 
  • Evelyn had cornbread for lunch.
  • Mathias had chicken chili for lunch.
  • The kitchen is clean … makes me almost as happy as having a cool house.
  • I am heading to the craft room to clean while the littles nap.
  • I really hope the little people nap.


  1. Great was almost like being there:) But I have my own time-out moments every day, so I can miss it. I’m happy you have a cool house…doubly important when you are pregnant! I had a few chuckles at the kids behaviors. So typical!

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