Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 28, 2012

Today … continued

The rest of today.

  • The kids finally took naps … finally!
  • I took a nap.
  • I did not clean the craft room.
  • After naps I made a double batch of flour tortillas … I just made a quadruple batch on Tuesday but they were in the freezer and fresh ones sounded good.
  • Kids had tortillas and milk for dinner … not my best moment but that is all I could get in ’em.
  • I now have 4 packages of tortillas in the freezer.  I love feeding the freezer.
  • I made some caramel rolls and am experimenting with frozen dinner rolls.  The dinner rolls are in the freezer and when they are frozen enough will get tossed in a freezer bag.  Someday we will try to bake ’em up and see how they do.
  • Those caramel rolls are mostly in my belly.
  • The kids fought watched Little House on the Prairie while I worked in the kitchen.
  • I gave the little people baths.
  • I cleaned the kitchen … for about the 4th time today.
  • Kids cleaned up their toys.
  • We put the chickens to bed.
  • On the way to the chicken coop Mathias fell off the last step and landed on his face.  A bloody nose was had, but stopped quickly.
  • With my “don’t walk so fast” warning it took us a very long time to get down the driveway and back up.
  • We got the mail.
  • It is almost bedtime … but they are playing nice for the time being. When the nice playing ends and the crabby begins in beds they will be.  
  • I am working on re-sizing pictures I took today so I can post them tomorrow.
  • Soon I plan to read a book in my cool house and that will officially end our “today”.  Thanks for playing along today.

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