Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 4, 2012

On the hot 4th of July.

I was a good Mom today. I braved the heat to make fun for the kids. It may not seem like much but seriously, this girl does not enjoy the heat … I don’t live in Minnesota for nothing … I love cold and can do without warm.  Plus you throw in a pregnant belly and well, mostly I just hide out in the house.  But today I decided to be nice.  Of course it took little effort since all those little people need is a little cool water and they are happy.

Before we headed out I had to snap this picture because they just make me laugh … so adorable. 

Though they seem big they are still very little and there will come a time when we stumble upon this shot and smile.

Once we were out there was plenty of cool water and plenty of fun to be had. 

We started with the water in the sun but moved to the shade to spare that fragile toddler skin and to ensure the too warm Mama stayed out a bit longer.  

This was our make-shift pool using the top of the turtle sandbox … worked ok, though since it is rounded it was a bit of a challenge, but still fun.

The water is cold … really cold since it comes from the hydrant … how cold? 

Ha.  Oh it was cold alright.

Daddy was here too … but he worked … silly Daddy. 

Try as I might I can’t convince him that a holiday like today doesn’t have to involve work but after 7 years of trying my best I think I should give up and accept he won’t budge.  The good thing is that the 4th lands on a Sunday from time to time and on that day I can drag him to celebrate with others.

Mathias worked too though.

Here he was bringing his water to the grocery store.  I asked him if was going to buy it or sell it and after a few seconds he said “buy” so apparently our water isn’t free.    

And this girl …

Oh my goodness she if funny lately.   When I went to take of picture of her feet this is what she did. 

She is cute … and I am afraid she knows it.  She wasn’t convinced when I told her I thought her feet were cute.  Goofy girl.

And he …

is just sweet … you know when he wants to be.

So there you have it … our little adventure with water on this hot 4th of July. 

Hope your day is great!





  1. Looks like they had a ball at your improvised water park! Cute photos of happy kids are always fun.

  2. I was looking for July 4th shirts, you very seldom miss a holiday. I think the kids love there water part. So much fun.

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