Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 24, 2012

My helper girl.

The other day Evelyn started picking through the laundry basket and began to fold all of her clothes.  I was in the craft room at the time sorting and cutting scraps into piles.  (Still not done with that project by the way … ugh! … it’s a terrible process but HAS to be done since those scraps are out of control).  So when I came out of my little sweat shop and she proudly showed me her pile of folded clean clothes I was more than impressed.  I was less impressed that all the other clothes not belonging to her were in a huge pile beside the laundry basket, but she cheerfully piled them back in for me when asked.  Sometimes she is such a good girl.  Today was more laundry and again she folded … but this time I snapped pictures.  How could I not, she is an adorable 3.5 year old folding all of her clothes!  And she does a really great job.

It is interesting to note that I have never officially taught her how to fold.  Of course she has watched me fold load after load and apparently that was enough.  Her brother tries for a couple of minutes to be like his big sister but in the end he would rather not fold his clothes … he prefers to just flash his smile and bat those pretty eyes instead.

That works for me.



  1. I see she has her helper shirt on, too!

    Mathias is definitely a charmer. What a handsome little man.

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