Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 27, 2012

Baby Doll Diapers

I found this great idea … here … and decided it was time to try ’em out. The kids have been asking for baby doll diapers and I guess today was the day. I am “almost” done with sorting my scraps and it has been almost 2 weeks since old Irene was able to stitch … it was time. 

They were simple, and cute … not perfect, but definitely cute. 

Had I taken a little more time and cared just a little more I think they could have been better. 

But really, since they were going on naked baby dolls that are most of the time wedged under a couch or hidden under a pile of toys I figured they were good enough. 

So in the end I made 4 … because it isn’t any fun to only have one diaper per baby.

Baby doll diapers … one of the perks of a Mom with a sewing machine who loves to use it.



  1. Those are wonderful. I bet the kids love them (and fight over them if they are normal kids:) I think the fabric with the little bear with the flowers is so sweet.

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