Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 2, 2012

Farm Fresh Lunch

Mostly, all of our meals are from the farm … or someone elses if it involves milk. I have been trying to come up with a percentage all day … like 75% of our food we grow, or maybe 80% but I don’t want to be wrong so I am not going to even say for fear for being incorrect. What I do know is that what I buy at the grocery store is generally cheese, pasta, bread, & baking supplies.  The meat & veggies all come from here and the milk from our neighbor.  So even though we are spoiled by really good food, this time of year we get it fresh … and that is pretty fantastic.  Today I made some beef hash after cooking a roast in the crock pot overnight and after farmer Neal did some harvesting. 


Onions.  I didn’t think to take pictures until after they were all chopped. 

Fresh beans that were so good that Loren did that whole “food grunt/sigh” after the first bite saying “these are perfectly cooked!”  That is rare from him since he just pretty much likes everything and doesn’t get too excited about food but today apparently was a good bean day.

And we had broccoli. 

Isn’t that the best picture?  He is adorable and was pretty proud to bring in the broccoli with Dad from the garden.



  1. Everything looks so good! Mathias is just beaming…what a wonderful photo of him. :)

  2. We love fresh veggies, it is hard to find them right now in Florida, the new gardens will be planted the end of august , we have two harvest seasons so that is nice.

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