Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 3, 2012


Turns out I was wrong.  I know right?  When does that ever happen? 

The story goes that I was melting butter the other day for a squash bake … it has a lot of butter and so a stick and a half went into my mini frying pan.  As I was turning to toss the wrapper of the whole stick in the trash I notice teeth marks. 

I knew who’s they belonged to so it wasn’t such a great mystery, but “why” they were there had me a little curious. 

One of Evelyn’s kitchen jobs is to get me butter … it happens more often than you might think in a day, remember that stick and a half in that squash bake?  So anyway, she also helps me put sticks in the fridge from the freezer.  I figured that maybe she took a bite because she loves butter just that much.  However, today when she grabbed me a stick I noticed her doing this …

I made her do it again later while she was putting some frozen away for me and while I had the camera in hand.  I don’t much mind teeth marks in my butter I guess.  

Apparently that is her trick to close the butter door after she gets a stick out and how she puts the first one away with her hands full.  I would say that is pretty resourceful for a 3.5 year old and something I thought was fun to remember … assuming she isn’t 16 years old and still doing it.



  1. Now, that’s using her head! ha

    The photo of the butter in the pan reminded me of the old, old, joke about knowing there was an elephant in your refrigerator by the footprints on the butter. Those little teeth marks are pretty cute.

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