Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 4, 2012

From the stitching room … more pillows.

The other day I finally crossed something off my “you should sew that” list.  New pillow covers for our ugly couch pillows. 

So ugly … and I have had them for almost a decade this way.  Ridiculous since it took me very little time to whip up some fun ones. 

Better right?  Scrappy and simple, but better. 

I am officially done working on my fabric scraps.  I made 5.5 inch & 4.5 inch squares and a bunch of one inch strips.  My goal is to use them up sooner than later … we will see how it goes.  These pillows used up 64 of the 5.5 inch ones so that made a tiny dent. 

I actually  made 4 covers because I have  4 pillows … one is just missing.  I have looked high & low but it is hiding pretty well I think.  When it is uncovered there will be 4 scrappy pillows on the couch … or on the floor would be a better guess. 

When I was taking his picture with the new pillows he was all serious and I said “can’t you smile?” to which he replied “Oh! Yeah!” and then did.  Funny boy. 

So that is the latest from the stitching room … pretty happy to have them crossed off the list!



  1. I love the pillows, and I bet you were able to use up a lot of small pieces of fabric that way, too:)

    Can’t imagine a pillow in my house after 10 years looking anywhere NEAR that clean!:) I just removed one from my couch where the kids sit watching cartoons that was supposed to be attached to the sofa arm. I wouldn’t have taken a photo of it…very unattractive to say the least. I must have a lot of open-mouthed droolers around here!

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