Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 6, 2012

Our girl in a dress … willingly!

Evelyn doesn’t like dresses … wait … let me have her tell you, “me no like dresses!”.  We had a wedding this past weekend and I really wanted her to wear a dress.  I pulled the two summer dresses that would fit her out and there was no way it would be worth the fight to get her in them.  She doesn’t always get her way, but I generally don’t fight over clothing … but I really do love little girl dresses and rather than wait until we see if this new baby is a girl who might just like what I like … I had a plan.  Always wondering if just maybe I made her a dress that she would wear one I threw out “hey, how about if Mom makes you a dress?, you could pick out the fabric!”  She thought for a couple of minutes and said “ok”.  I am pretty certain her plan was not to like it, but I went with it just incase I was wrong … figuring someone could use it someday.  I had pined one or two tutorials in the past few months and so to pinterest we went to look ’em over.  She only liked one … so we went for it. 

The tutorial is … here … it was easy to follow.  It took me less than two hours … even with the painstaking “you can pick the fabric” time … apparently she is a little indecisive.  But in the end she picked and I agreed and we were on our way and finished in no time! 

So … did she like it? 

She certainly did!  The twirling lasted about an hour. 

She picked this fabric because it matches her “shwim shoot” (aka swim suit … even though it really doesn’t) and loves it.  And I think it turned out great. 

She has plans to “help” me make some for her cousins and she has requested one for Christmas and one for her next birthday … it’s been pretty fun. 

I added some bias to the bottom because I didn’t want to lose the length after I tried it on her to see how it fit, but otherwise I made no other changes. 

Happy girl … who twirled and twirled on the dance floor at the wedding!



  1. My grand daughter has a dress that she like to twirl in, it has a net crinolines under it and makes it very swishy when she walks. She wants to wear it to church Sunday. I do love the dress you made, so pretty and on a beautiful little model.

  2. I was totally that way when I was a kid, even as I grew up. Still not a fan of dresses(don’t like how they look on me).However you can’t pass up a good twirly dress even if you are not a fan of dresses.

  3. She looks absolutely delighted! Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl:)
    Great job…again.

  4. She is so cute… Twirling in her beautiful dress. Peace

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