Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 9, 2012

Today … a new mailbox.

Obviously not earth shattering farm news but well, it’s what happened today that was not part of the normal routine.  There are days that you gotta use what you have to stay a little current here in the land of blog. 

So yep, the old box finally gave out with the hinges (one actually) rusting out preventing the door from latching.  Didn’t help that the latch was broken as well.  Yesterday the mail lady had to place a rubber band on it to keep the mail in … it was time.  

Thankfully my Mom thought we needed a new one years ago and Loren received a new one for Christmas … I think before we even had children, we like to let things die on their own before replacing them I guess.  With life on the highway and all the salt we will see how long this one lasts … but for now, she is brand-spankin’ new and the kids are really excited about it.  They were part of the working crew. 

I am not sure how much help they were since Mathias was sent back to house part way into the process.  I asked him why he was back and he said “Dad said No!”.  I asked what he was doing and he said “throw bits and road”.  Turns out he was not listening, throwing the drill bits box and would get too close to the road … pretty much what he said.  

He followed me out at a distance unsure if I was really correct in telling him he could come back out … I figured since they were nearly done and that walk back was long it would be ok.  He was able to carry tools back … which of course made his punishment back to the house almost forgotten.  

When we were heading out to the library tonight Evelyn said “Oh we see our new mailbox” which prompted Mathias to yell “hooray new mailbox”.   So apparently you just need to be a toddler to see the excitement involved.



  1. I knew he would use it eventually! Great story, and I love the photo with Mathias and his hammer and green wrong-foot boots:)

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