Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 14, 2012

Haircut Night!

Kids got haircuts tonight … they are too cute not to post pictures of.  Pretty sure grandparents won’t complain.

He is very serious during the haircutting process … not a smirk to be found.

Just a trim in the back for Miss E.

I have reason to believe that the candy is the favorite part of the process.

His before mug shot makes me smile … goofy guy.

There is the smirk I love to see.  Happy to be done I guess. 

All is well here, just busy with this and that as summer winds down and the garden continues to produce all those veggies that require attention.



  1. Cute photos…Mathias looks like we all do when we sit in the dentist’s chair:)

    I love the end result…even spiked! Evelyn must’ve just had a trim.

  2. Are you ok? Mom post a note to say your daughter is ok. I have followed her blog for some time now and really admire this young lady. Ellie k

  3. Sorry Ellie, I didn’t check the comments once I saw the title was still haircut night! She is doing fine, just has a lot more to do than when she was a new bride just starting out as a ‘farm girl’. Of course I can always call and check up on her, and see her. I’m glad she has followers of her blog who enjoy her posts as much as I do!

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