Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 28, 2012

Update Time!

Here I am … it has just been busy.  Toss busy on top of my very pregnant self and blogging is the first to go. 

So the last couple weeks I have been snapping pictures of random happenings around here … nothing too exciting but just snapshots of what I have been up to.  Mostly it has to do with food and preparing it.  What can I say?, I spend almost all of my time in the kitchen.  My original thought was to do a post with all things I have made but now it is more just random shots with lots of things that I have made, but not exclusively that.

Here you go … what we have been doing.


Yesterday we made the first batch of applesauce. 

The apples this  year are abundant and we will likely need to recruit help to get them all made into sauce since I can only do so much this year.  Farmer Neal worked on this first batch on his birthday … he didn’t seem to mind.  Evelyn was disappointed that we didn’t have “9 10 people (which means a lot) and presents” but she will get used to the fact that her Dad doesn’t really love a party.


We did however have dinner with Farmer Neal’s parents the day before his birthday which is also their anniversary. 

There was pie.

And book reading.  Mathias is a big fan of both his Grandpa and the book reading.


In addition to the abundance of apples … the broccoli and green beans have grown well. 

I have been trying to keep up on the beans so I don’t have to can them by sharing some and making them each and every meal but today there were just too many and I canned 6 quarts … they are currently cooling so no photo.  There is enough broccoli to blanch and freeze another batch but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it … I hate broccoli, really really hate it.  Every time Farmer Neal appears at the door with another bucket full I silently cry.  Did I mention that I hate broccoli?  Ugh.


But I don’t hate sewing.  I have been busy with a little of that as well.  Evelyn and I made another dress … this one for her cousin Emily who had a birthday and is a few months older than her.  Evelyn picked out the colors and then modeled it for me before it hit the post office. 

I have been plugging away at a scrap project.  1.5″ strips of scrap that “might” one day make a quilt. 

I have twice as many strips as I need so two quilts could technically be made … time will tell.  I also made a bunch of zipper pouches for a few gifts one day and have no photo.  Sorry.


How about a baby update to make up for the lack of zipper pouch photo? 

A foot … at 28 weeks.

Not just any old ultrasound foot but a great side view of a perfect little foot.  It is mostly used for kicking like crazy. 

All is well as of today.  We will likely have bedrest in the future but will hopefully be closer to the end of the pregnancy.  We will be 29 weeks in a couple of days so the days are passing … if ever so slowly.


Just some random food pictures. 

Granola.  Yum.  Evelyn loves “Nola” and I gotta admit, all those nuts in it make for a very quiet breakfast. 


Popcorn for Loren’s drive home …

If he munches this he stays awake and that is a very good thing.


Flour tortillas …

A weekly if not bi-weekly process lately.  All those green peppers and onions from the garden make fantastic fajitas.


Pizza and brownies we brought to a friend’s house while she watched the kids during a doctor’s appointment.

I like to keep my sitters happy and full of sugar.


Our garden helper …

Everytime he makes it back in from the garden he is dirty …today, just the feet since he apparently got dirt in his boots.  At least they cleaned up quick enough in the sink.

If you take a picture of one childs feet there will likely be a request for a shot of both … so I obliged … they are pretty cute toes after all.


But their faces are pretty cute too.

Happy kids are a very good thing.


So there it is, an update to say we are all fine and well.  Not guarantee as to when I will be back here.  The baby hates it when I sit here too long and this post took about 2 hours.  Uninterupted even since the kids are napping.  You are welcome.  I don’t mean to leave this place silent for long, it is just my reality now with a busy house, that stupid dial-up and a growing belly!  Take care and thanks for popping in.



  1. Thank you, I was very worried a out you and the babies. Sorry to be a bother. I wish I lived closer Imwould help you with the canning, I love to see the results os a nice garden and canning

  2. Hi, Stephanie! This is your long, long, long time reader, Sarah in Texas. I just wanted to say hello. I read often, comment not so often! Congratulations on the new baby! Seems like yesterday that I was checkIng the blog every day to see if Evelyn had arrived yet. Anyhoo, just wanted to check in and quit lurking! :)

  3. So many beautiful photos of your day to day life at harvest time! The applesauce looks yummy, and the kids are growing even though I saw them a few weeks ago. LOVE the babie’s sonogram profile and turned up nose and the perfect foot…I think I recognize that head shape like their dad’s again:)

    For the record, I don’t like cauliflower that much either…last time I made it your father opened up all the windows and doors for awhile and ran the fan…AND the airconditioning because it had been warm and the house shut up for a few days. It didn’t take long to clear out, though.

  4. P.S. I’m still thinking ‘girl’ on the little one.

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