Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 30, 2012

Apples and Socks.

So the apples are underway! In three days 4 batches have been processed.

It has been a group effort with Farmer Neal and his parents.  Not that I haven’t done anything … I washed all the jars, filled them with fresh apple sauce, placed the lids and rings on, put them in the canner, processed them, took them out the canner, and cleaned the kitchen all three days.  Much less than I would have done, you know since I would have done all of it, but at least it is something.  All the picking, sorting, washing, cutting, cooking down, and milling into sauce goes to them.

A start at 27 quarts (our first batch was only 6).  Farmer Neal said something about 20 batches when we started … I am really hoping he is wrong. 

In other news …

Mathias likes to fold socks!  I know I told you about how Evelyn likes to fold laundry and believe it or not, little brother folds his own now too … not as well of course but does his best and puts them all in his drawers.  The other day I left him sorting daddy’s socks and when I came back he was folding them into a big stack.  Cute.

Oh and … the broccoli is still not blanched.  It is cleaned and cut which is progress but that is as far as it has gotten.  Life goes on.



  1. The apples are beautiful this year…so big and rosy-colored. Mathias and his socks made me smile. Kids so love to work and it makes them feel so proud. I could use some of my little kids with dusting rags since I so rarely get to it myself lately! I haven’t expected my daycare kids to work.

    With so many of you I sometimes found it hard to think of an appropriate job for all of you when you were little like him. Later on, it was nice just to assign whole rooms! :) So, well worth the effort and it makes everyone happy.

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