Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 9, 2013

From the stitching room.

Evelyn is hosting a little valentine’s party next week and so I have been creating.  I really love to plan a party.  So planning and thinking and most importantly … sewing! … has been happening.  It’s been a stitch filled week.

All this sewing business started earlier this week when I had an idea to make some little tote bags for the little guests with a heart on them.  I searched & searched for scraps of fabric the right size and before I knew it I had nearly all of them cut … when … when I came across just enough fabric for my 8 bags that had little hearts on it.  So of course I ditched the already cut bags and began cutting new ones.  It just seemed fun to have them all matching instead of all different.  In the  ended I did use the inside fabric from the ones I cut first though so all my work wasn’t wasted. 


They are cute … if I do say so myself. 

But actually before all those bags I made some simple fabric covers for my diaper boxes on my craft room shelves.  I couldn’t get a great photo of the shelves since it is late but basically, there are 12 boxes on two shelves.  They each have a little vinyl pocket so that I can change the contents of the box and the tag. 


Took a little time but they are done.  They are not perfect but did I mention they are done?  I have 4 boxes that are shorter but made the covers to fit the larger box once the baby hits size 3’s and I can stock up.  Each box is different and is made up of 2 different prints. They are all random and well, I love random in the craft room.

So after those two projects were complete, I decided to sew some new library bags for the kids.  I started them at about 11pm last night after the valentine’s day party bags were done … they sewed up in less than a half an hour.  Did they “need” new bags?, um … well not really but it sure is nice to have new big ones.  Especially since tomorrow morning is the long-awaited Story Time at the library.  They measure 18 inches across and about 12 inches high.  Mathias has a fun orange inside and Evelyn’s is red & white polka dots.  Since I had to piece the robots I added hearts to Evelyn’s so it didn’t look so plain.  Really fun bags.


Have I mentioned that I love to sew bags.

Then today I thought it would be fun to have a little party gift for the Mom’s bringing their little girls to the valentine’s day party.


Just a dish towel with some cute hearts.


I am still stitching … and still loving it … I think I might have a problem.



  1. I think you have an amazing gift! Beautiful, beautiful…everything. I bet the kids are going to love their library bags!

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