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So … we are still here … just without a computer that is working at home.  I am borrowing the library and their fantastic free services.  I thought ahead and put some photos I had wanted to post on a drive and brought it with.  Hooray for the pregnant lady with fewer brain cells than normal. 

Ok, so peppers. 


Here are just a few pictures of them. 


There were more than FOUR boxes this size.  Good grief.


He had help.  Of course. 




Thankfully they are all in the freezer at this point. 


It was a lot of work but the fajitas will tast fantastic com February.


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Spaghetti Sauce 2012

We have started on tomatoes.  Oddly enough I don’t have any pictures of actual whole tomatoes.  Guess the camera hasn’t been out while Farmer Neal has been washing and cutting them all. 

So far only 7 quarts are officially complete. 

However, another 14 should make it out of the canner later tonight after all that cooking down happens. 

We have processed about  1/3 of what has been picked so there should be more tomato updates in the near future.  So exciting right?  Happy canning!

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Apples 2012 … again.

Tired of reading about apples?  I will be brief. 

I found this in the bottom of a jar today …

I figure since I don’t actually know a Hazel I should be ok.

And …

My helpers today.   Mathias’s water apron broke awhile back so we had to improvise … now that huge apron is the new favorite.  Go figure.

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Apple Picking 2012.

We picked the apple sauce apples last weekend. It was a group effort thanks to my brother and his family.  I didn’t get a picture of them all picked but I should have … there were about a dozen boxes filled to the brim.  But here are some apple picking shots from the day.

our winter apples that weren’t picked yet … but aren’t they so pretty?

the littlest helpers were quite helpful

Can you find the apple picker? 

So far 82 quarts of apple sauce have been processed with lots more to go … so I guess all that watering of the trees paid off.

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Apples and Socks.

So the apples are underway! In three days 4 batches have been processed.

It has been a group effort with Farmer Neal and his parents.  Not that I haven’t done anything … I washed all the jars, filled them with fresh apple sauce, placed the lids and rings on, put them in the canner, processed them, took them out the canner, and cleaned the kitchen all three days.  Much less than I would have done, you know since I would have done all of it, but at least it is something.  All the picking, sorting, washing, cutting, cooking down, and milling into sauce goes to them.

A start at 27 quarts (our first batch was only 6).  Farmer Neal said something about 20 batches when we started … I am really hoping he is wrong. 

In other news …

Mathias likes to fold socks!  I know I told you about how Evelyn likes to fold laundry and believe it or not, little brother folds his own now too … not as well of course but does his best and puts them all in his drawers.  The other day I left him sorting daddy’s socks and when I came back he was folding them into a big stack.  Cute.

Oh and … the broccoli is still not blanched.  It is cleaned and cut which is progress but that is as far as it has gotten.  Life goes on.

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Update Time!

Here I am … it has just been busy.  Toss busy on top of my very pregnant self and blogging is the first to go. 

So the last couple weeks I have been snapping pictures of random happenings around here … nothing too exciting but just snapshots of what I have been up to.  Mostly it has to do with food and preparing it.  What can I say?, I spend almost all of my time in the kitchen.  My original thought was to do a post with all things I have made but now it is more just random shots with lots of things that I have made, but not exclusively that.

Here you go … what we have been doing.


Yesterday we made the first batch of applesauce. 

The apples this  year are abundant and we will likely need to recruit help to get them all made into sauce since I can only do so much this year.  Farmer Neal worked on this first batch on his birthday … he didn’t seem to mind.  Evelyn was disappointed that we didn’t have “9 10 people (which means a lot) and presents” but she will get used to the fact that her Dad doesn’t really love a party.


We did however have dinner with Farmer Neal’s parents the day before his birthday which is also their anniversary. 

There was pie.

And book reading.  Mathias is a big fan of both his Grandpa and the book reading.


In addition to the abundance of apples … the broccoli and green beans have grown well. 

I have been trying to keep up on the beans so I don’t have to can them by sharing some and making them each and every meal but today there were just too many and I canned 6 quarts … they are currently cooling so no photo.  There is enough broccoli to blanch and freeze another batch but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it … I hate broccoli, really really hate it.  Every time Farmer Neal appears at the door with another bucket full I silently cry.  Did I mention that I hate broccoli?  Ugh.


But I don’t hate sewing.  I have been busy with a little of that as well.  Evelyn and I made another dress … this one for her cousin Emily who had a birthday and is a few months older than her.  Evelyn picked out the colors and then modeled it for me before it hit the post office. 

I have been plugging away at a scrap project.  1.5″ strips of scrap that “might” one day make a quilt. 

I have twice as many strips as I need so two quilts could technically be made … time will tell.  I also made a bunch of zipper pouches for a few gifts one day and have no photo.  Sorry.


How about a baby update to make up for the lack of zipper pouch photo? 

A foot … at 28 weeks.

Not just any old ultrasound foot but a great side view of a perfect little foot.  It is mostly used for kicking like crazy. 

All is well as of today.  We will likely have bedrest in the future but will hopefully be closer to the end of the pregnancy.  We will be 29 weeks in a couple of days so the days are passing … if ever so slowly.


Just some random food pictures. 

Granola.  Yum.  Evelyn loves “Nola” and I gotta admit, all those nuts in it make for a very quiet breakfast. 


Popcorn for Loren’s drive home …

If he munches this he stays awake and that is a very good thing.


Flour tortillas …

A weekly if not bi-weekly process lately.  All those green peppers and onions from the garden make fantastic fajitas.


Pizza and brownies we brought to a friend’s house while she watched the kids during a doctor’s appointment.

I like to keep my sitters happy and full of sugar.


Our garden helper …

Everytime he makes it back in from the garden he is dirty …today, just the feet since he apparently got dirt in his boots.  At least they cleaned up quick enough in the sink.

If you take a picture of one childs feet there will likely be a request for a shot of both … so I obliged … they are pretty cute toes after all.


But their faces are pretty cute too.

Happy kids are a very good thing.


So there it is, an update to say we are all fine and well.  Not guarantee as to when I will be back here.  The baby hates it when I sit here too long and this post took about 2 hours.  Uninterupted even since the kids are napping.  You are welcome.  I don’t mean to leave this place silent for long, it is just my reality now with a busy house, that stupid dial-up and a growing belly!  Take care and thanks for popping in.

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Haircut Night!

Kids got haircuts tonight … they are too cute not to post pictures of.  Pretty sure grandparents won’t complain.

He is very serious during the haircutting process … not a smirk to be found.

Just a trim in the back for Miss E.

I have reason to believe that the candy is the favorite part of the process.

His before mug shot makes me smile … goofy guy.

There is the smirk I love to see.  Happy to be done I guess. 

All is well here, just busy with this and that as summer winds down and the garden continues to produce all those veggies that require attention.

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Today … a new mailbox.

Obviously not earth shattering farm news but well, it’s what happened today that was not part of the normal routine.  There are days that you gotta use what you have to stay a little current here in the land of blog. 

So yep, the old box finally gave out with the hinges (one actually) rusting out preventing the door from latching.  Didn’t help that the latch was broken as well.  Yesterday the mail lady had to place a rubber band on it to keep the mail in … it was time.  

Thankfully my Mom thought we needed a new one years ago and Loren received a new one for Christmas … I think before we even had children, we like to let things die on their own before replacing them I guess.  With life on the highway and all the salt we will see how long this one lasts … but for now, she is brand-spankin’ new and the kids are really excited about it.  They were part of the working crew. 

I am not sure how much help they were since Mathias was sent back to house part way into the process.  I asked him why he was back and he said “Dad said No!”.  I asked what he was doing and he said “throw bits and road”.  Turns out he was not listening, throwing the drill bits box and would get too close to the road … pretty much what he said.  

He followed me out at a distance unsure if I was really correct in telling him he could come back out … I figured since they were nearly done and that walk back was long it would be ok.  He was able to carry tools back … which of course made his punishment back to the house almost forgotten.  

When we were heading out to the library tonight Evelyn said “Oh we see our new mailbox” which prompted Mathias to yell “hooray new mailbox”.   So apparently you just need to be a toddler to see the excitement involved.

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Our girl in a dress … willingly!

Evelyn doesn’t like dresses … wait … let me have her tell you, “me no like dresses!”.  We had a wedding this past weekend and I really wanted her to wear a dress.  I pulled the two summer dresses that would fit her out and there was no way it would be worth the fight to get her in them.  She doesn’t always get her way, but I generally don’t fight over clothing … but I really do love little girl dresses and rather than wait until we see if this new baby is a girl who might just like what I like … I had a plan.  Always wondering if just maybe I made her a dress that she would wear one I threw out “hey, how about if Mom makes you a dress?, you could pick out the fabric!”  She thought for a couple of minutes and said “ok”.  I am pretty certain her plan was not to like it, but I went with it just incase I was wrong … figuring someone could use it someday.  I had pined one or two tutorials in the past few months and so to pinterest we went to look ’em over.  She only liked one … so we went for it. 

The tutorial is … here … it was easy to follow.  It took me less than two hours … even with the painstaking “you can pick the fabric” time … apparently she is a little indecisive.  But in the end she picked and I agreed and we were on our way and finished in no time! 

So … did she like it? 

She certainly did!  The twirling lasted about an hour. 

She picked this fabric because it matches her “shwim shoot” (aka swim suit … even though it really doesn’t) and loves it.  And I think it turned out great. 

She has plans to “help” me make some for her cousins and she has requested one for Christmas and one for her next birthday … it’s been pretty fun. 

I added some bias to the bottom because I didn’t want to lose the length after I tried it on her to see how it fit, but otherwise I made no other changes. 

Happy girl … who twirled and twirled on the dance floor at the wedding!

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From the stitching room … more pillows.

The other day I finally crossed something off my “you should sew that” list.  New pillow covers for our ugly couch pillows. 

So ugly … and I have had them for almost a decade this way.  Ridiculous since it took me very little time to whip up some fun ones. 

Better right?  Scrappy and simple, but better. 

I am officially done working on my fabric scraps.  I made 5.5 inch & 4.5 inch squares and a bunch of one inch strips.  My goal is to use them up sooner than later … we will see how it goes.  These pillows used up 64 of the 5.5 inch ones so that made a tiny dent. 

I actually  made 4 covers because I have  4 pillows … one is just missing.  I have looked high & low but it is hiding pretty well I think.  When it is uncovered there will be 4 scrappy pillows on the couch … or on the floor would be a better guess. 

When I was taking his picture with the new pillows he was all serious and I said “can’t you smile?” to which he replied “Oh! Yeah!” and then did.  Funny boy. 

So that is the latest from the stitching room … pretty happy to have them crossed off the list!

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