Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 5, 2013

A little Valentines Day Craft

Everyday Miss Evelyn asks “are we doing a craft today Mom?” and most days I say “probably not”.  But this day I decided to be nice. 


It does happen from time to time, that nice thing. 



The girl LOVES to create (I don’t blame her) … and make goofy faces at the camera.





A couple sheets of paper, some red doilies that I inherited with this old farmhouse (can you beleive I saved them for 6 years!? … I knew I would use them someday), some sticker hearts and lady bugs (best 2 bucks I have spent … beats glue anyday), and they were creating up a storm. 






We actually made two crafts this day but I have yet to photograh the other one.  Maybe someday.



  1. What a great craft…I love the ladybugs! I bought some foam alphabet letters and numbers and it kept my 3, 2-year-olds busy for over 1/2 hour on Monday. Wish I had thought of them earlier!

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