Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 12, 2013

Boy Valentine’s Day Shirts.

I finally caved … I made the ever popular neck tie shirts for the boys.  I have never liked them, don’t even know why really, just thought they were not as cute as everyone else thought they were.  I don’t know what happened exactly but when I saw one (somewhere) that had a heart for valentine’s day I softened and decided that I needed to make them.


Sorta fun to make TWO boy shirts this time.  Baby Ambrose will be drowning in his much too big for a 4 month old shirt but I bet he will be adorable. Did my traditional simple stitching which I gotta say adds a little something extra.

Evelyn declined my offer for a fun new valentines shirt and insists on wearing a mostly terrible purple shirt I picked up second-hand that has a huge sparkle heart on it.  Pretty certain there are worse things but seriously … purple sparklies?  Sigh.



  1. At least the boys will be super cute. I think they are really great, and I can’t wait to see Ambrose swim in his:)

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