Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 27, 2008

Progress … part V


More progress to report on the laundry room project.  The water-less issue has halted most of the enthusiasm to complete the project “right away”, but Loren is still working on it now and again. 



So in addition to having all of the main water pipes complete … we now have the laundry sink installed and the water pipes complete!  Whoo-hoo!  I just love it when things get done around here.  Of course it wasn’t easy and often I heard the words “well, that isn’t going to work” as well as my favorite “oh shoot!”.  More then one trip to town for additional supplies was made but this morning the final pieces were installed and the drain pipes are officially done and we can use the sink … with the exception of running water into them since we still need the faucets in place, oh … and water!  Without the option of running water through them, it isn’t a huge concern right now and we can still use the sink filling it with our trusty kettles of water heated on the stove. 


It is obvious that this isn’t your typical laundry sink.  We decided to put in this big ‘ol barn sink which I am very excited about … though not quite as excited as Loren is.  Long before we were married he had longed for a barn sink of this size and capacity to reside in his home … it has been a dream for years.  It is extremely practical for our needs around this place, but it is big so when we decided on main floor laundry and discovered there was just enough room for the washer and the big sink it was a done deal. 


Here you can see how “gross” the sink was … but then Loren took the time (which included lots of patinece … and a little acid! Ha.) and made it shine.




There are a few … like 40-ish … 6 gallon buckets that we use for collecting sap, storing apples, picking veggies in the garden, and on and on.  The problem with the buckets is that they are big, and difficult to wash.  That is where the big sink comes in, it works great for cleaning them up.  That was one of our motivators for getting the sink in earlier then originally planned … to clean some buckets in the hopes that we can collect sap when it starts to flow.  Quite a few elements need to be in place for all that to happen (so don’t count on syrup just yet!) but getting the sink done so we can wash buckets is a start. 


Still quite a few things remain on the list as far as the sink goes … we need to paint the wood, add a back splash and add the faucets.  So even though it isn’t all the way done … progress is still progress in my book! 



  1. I think it’s a great idea to have all the preliminary work finished, so once the water is routed to the house all you have to do is turn it on! Loren does a beautiful job on all his work on the house. So I guess a procrastinator/perfectionist personality has its benefits! But doing things ahead of time like this is kind of out of keeping. :)

    I like to make pancakes and waffles so I want to be on the short list for maple syrup……someday.

  2. When you call that sink “gross” you are literally correct. That is indeed a “grosse” sink. That is the German word for large or huge.

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